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Silver the Hedgehog

Silver the Hedgehog (シルバー・ザ・ヘッジホッグ, Shirubā za Hejjihoggu), is both a fictional character and tritagonist from the Sonic Pokémon series created by Yuji Naka and Ken Sugimori. He is an anthropomorphic hedgehog from 200 years into the future.

His role is to protect his time by changing the catastrophes of the past, thus preventing the ruining of his era. Despite the monumental tasks he may have on hand, he is an optimist and will do whatever is required to protect the world.

For his mission, Silver makes use of his psychokinesis, an ability from his time that is considered the norm, which allows him to move objects with the power of his mind.

Silver is a kindhearted and well-meaning individual, driven by a strong sense of justice to right the wrongs of the past to uphold peace, though he is somewhat naïve and immature.

"I'm going to change the future with my own hands!"

—Silver the Hedgehog.

Appearance & Biography[]

Voice Actor: Pete Capella (English), Daisuke Ono (Japanese), Not Known (Arabic), Not Known (Basque), Not Known (Brazilian), Not Known (Cantonese), Not Known (Catalan), Not Known (Chinese), Not Known (Croatian), Not Known (Danish), Not Known (Dutch), Not Known (Finnish), Not Known (Filipino), Hervé Grull (French), Not Known (Galician), Roland Wolf (German), Not Known (Greek), Not Known (Hebrew), Not Known (Hong Kong), Not Known (Hungarian), Not Known (Indonesian), Davide Albano (Italian), Not Known (Korean), Not Known (Mandarin), Anders Bye (Norwegian), Not Known (Polish), Not Known (Portuguese), Not Known (Romanian), Not Known (Russian), Not Known (Serbian), Ángel de Gracia (Spanish), Not Known (Swedish), Not Known (Tagalog), Not Known (Thai), Not Known (Valencian), Not Known (Ukrainian), Not Known (Brazilian Portuguese), Not Known (Canadian French), Not Known (European Spanish), Not Known (European Portuguese), Not Known (Latin American Spanish), Not Known (Latin Spanish), Not Known (Spain-Spanish)



Silver is a very light gray (almost white) anthropomorphic hedgehog with white fur on his chest surrounding his neck with gold eyes and tan skin. He has two large spines at the back of his head, while at the front of his forehead there are five distinct spines flared up and back, the two final ones covering up most of his ears.

For attire, he wears white gloves with cyan circles with lines sticking out of the bottom leading to his golden bracelets accented in cyan. The tops of his boots are of a similar fashion with a red gem set in gold. The rest of his boots are navy blue, white and cyan.

  • Hair Color: Silver-white
  • Fur Color: White
  • Skin Color: Peach
  • Eye Color: Gold
  • Age: 14
  • Birthday: Not Known
  • Height: 100 cm (3' 3")
  • Weight: 35 kg (77 lbs.)





Silver is an optimistic young hedgehog who is full of a sense of justice, and it is this personality trait that motivates him to head back into the past to correct the future to help his people at whatever the cost. However, he is somewhat over-eager and naïve, which makes him prone to make decisions without thinking things through and get overexcited. Somewhat awkward, he has a tendency to hide behind a facade of bravado. Also, having suffered from loneliness for a very long time, Silver has a hard time grasping the concept that someone wants to be alone. Despite his faults however, Silver is a brave individual, ready to jump into the face of danger no matter the risk and quickly put himself on the line to help his allies and friends. He also has a strong capacity for kindness, which has allowed him to make friends with even isolated people, such as Whisper the Wolf.



  • Team Sol
    • Blaze the Cat (best friend, older sister figure)
    • Marine the Raccoon
  • Princess Elise
  • Team Sonic
  • Team Rose
    • Amy Rose the Hedgehog
    • Cream the Rabbit
    • Cheese the Chao
    • Big the Cat
  • Christopher Thorndyke
  • Chuck Thorndyke
  • Nelson Thorndyke
  • Lindsey Thorndyke
  • Mister Tanaka
  • Ella
  • Helen
  • Mister Stewart
  • Frances
  • Danny
  • Team Chaotix
    • Vector the Crocodile
    • Espio the Chameleon
    • Charme the Bee
  • Moss the Sloth
  • Team Might
    • Mighty the Armadillo
    • Ray the Flying Squirrel
    • Sticks the Badger
  • Tangle the Lemur
  • Honey the Cat
  • Vanilla the Rabbit
  • G.U.N.
    • The G.U.N. Commander
    • Topaz
    • Team Dark
      • Rouge the Bat
      • E-123 Omega
    • Spider Troupe
  • The President
  • E-77 Lucky
  • Tikal the Echidna
  • Relic the Pika
  • Fixit the Robot
  • Shade the Echidna
  • Pearly the Manta Ray
  • Razor the Shark
  • Coral the Betta
  • Crusher the Chao
  • Resistance
    • Molly
    • Nicole the Lynx
    • Rotor the Walrus
  • Desert Raiders
    • Sonar the Fennec
    • Spike the Porcupine
    • Trevor Burrow the Mole
  • Shijin Warriors
    • Bunker the Turtle
    • Cinder the Pheasant
    • Dulcy the Dragon
    • Jian the Tiger
  • Wolf Pack
    • Lupe the Wolf
    • Whisper the Wolf
  • Wisps
    • Yacker
  • Freedom Fighters
    • Antoine D'Coolette
    • Bunnie D'Coolette
    • Coconut Crew
    • Sally Acorn
    • Ben Muttski
    • Omochao
  • King Acorn
  • Dodon Pa



  • Team Hooligans
    • Nack the Weasel
    • Bean the Dynamite
    • Bark the Polar Bear
  • Breezie the Hedgehog (to a degree)
  • Chaos
  • Babylon Rogues
    • Wave the Swallow
    • Storm the Albatross
  • Lah



  • Solaris
    • Mephiles the Dark
    • Iblis
  • Eggman Empire
    • Dr. Eggman
    • Dr. Starline
    • Infinite
    • Badniks
      • Bocoe
      • Decoe
      • Bokkun
      • Orbot
      • Cubot
  • Rough the Skunk
  • Tumble the Skunk
  • Dr. Julian Snively
  • Metal Sonic 3.0
  • Time Eater
  • Dr. Eggman Nega
  • Walter Naugus
  • The Deadly Six

Abilities and Powers[]



Silver's main power is his psychokinesis, the ability to manipulate the environment around him with the power of his mind. Silver is a definite master of this skill, being able to telekinetically grab and move up to several objects many times his own size and weight as both a single- or collective mass, his most impressive feat being his Meteor Smash attack where he forms a compressed ball of objects over twenty times his own size and could potentially weigh a net total of several tons. However, it is unknown how much he can grab at once. Silver can also use his psychokinesis on himself to enable him to not only hover but also fly at speeds rivaling Sonic's.

Silver's psychokinesis is a powerful force of its own. With it, he can exert enough pressure to bend half a meter thick steel bars, crush robots with a single grab, and immobilize others' movements completely. When repelling objects with his psychokinesis, Silver can throw them with enough force and speed to crush metal, fly tremendous distances, and even stun enormous monsters such as Iblis. Additionally, Silver can also use his psychokinesis to grab onto certain non-solid objects, such as fireballs and certain types of energy blasts.

Silver can also use his psychokinesis to project pure psychic energies that he can manipulate into energy-based attacks, such as sharp blades, pulses to strike his targets at all ranges, and an even burst of energy that can paralyze his targets.

Besides the offense, Silver can apply his psychokinesis for his other abilities. He can use it for the ability of ESP, giving him extra-sensory perception that allows him limited telepathy, but so far only enough to induce limited vertigo in others. He can also use it to teleport himself over short distances instantaneously by warping space.


Physical Abilities[]

Silver has proven himself to be very acrobatic and agile, being able to jump and move gracefully through midair, both with and without the aid of his psychokinesis, and can grind on rails at high speed to match up to various character's, such as Sonic and Shadow while wearing combat boots, of an exception to stay in a single pose, which his skills are nigh-incomplete, as a testament to his balance and agility. He also has lightning fast reflexes and senses, being able to mimic and cope with approximately even Sonic and Shadow's movements. Additionally, he can do amazing feats as well, such as picking up objects while moving through midair at high velocity, catch bullets with his psychokinesis, or causing any monster he comes into, to be suspended, in anyway combining his impressive accuracy with his psychokinesis, he is able to throw enemies and heavy objects at the same speed as the projectiles, without his arms getting tired. Silver also possesses above average physical strength, capable of pushing things several times bigger and heavier than himself.

Silver has demonstrated the ability to harness the power of the Chaos Emeralds to empower himself or even perform Chaos Powers. So far, the only Chaos Power he has been able to perform is Chaos Control, which lets him warp time and space, sealing anybody along with him into another dimension that he can choose. However, this was mentioned by Blaze the Cat, and he can empower himself by enhancing his own abilities, or to an additional extent, give him unlimited Psychic Energies for his psychic attacks.

Chaos Powers[]

Combat Skills[]

Silver is one of the most powerful and profound fighters in the series, as he can fight on par with the most battle-experiences individuals in the series. He has been hinted to hold about the same power as Shadow the Hedgehog, as he was able to fight Shadow to a stalemate and almost brought Sonic to the brink of death, though Sonic was being careless during their fight in the latter case.

Fighting Style[]

In combat, Silver relies heavily on his psychokinesis and using the environment to his advantage. Unlike most other characters who utilize close combat, Silver focuses on long-range attacks. When fighting, Silver constantly keeps his distance from the enemy, as he needs a moment to concentrate for an attack, which will leave him vulnerable. If an opponent does get too close, however, he can grab them with his psychokinesis and throw them away.

Silver's main method of attack is picking up objects around him with his psychokinesis and hurtle them at his opponents. Occasionally, he can also rearrange these objects into colossal conglomerated shapes as more effective means of attacking, such as giant balls to bowl over opponents and train-sized battering rams. If projectiles are shot at him, Silver can grab them in his psychokinesis and throw them back at the opponent, effectively allowing him to turn his opponents' power against them.

When times call for it, Silver is capable of going on the offensive with hand-to-hand combat, as seen in his battle with Shadow where he would attack enemies with physical strikes. However, his proficiency with this type of combat is unclear, as he has only demonstrated a limited range of punches and Spin Attack maneuvers. He seems unskilled, given his reckless, telegraphed, and easily blocked charges at Shadow during their fight, and it may be that Silver will only use physical combat as a desperate last resort.

Techniques and Moves[]

Most of Silver's signature techniques and moves revolve around the use of his psychokinesis, which has a broad range of applications. His most of his offensive attacks involving using the objects around him as projectiles and discharging psychokinetic energies.

Silver's most used technique is his Psychokinesis, which lets him pick up objects around him for him to manipulate, and bend and move objects. His Levitate technique, which he uses to make himself airborne, increases his speed and movement abilities to levels matching those of the fastest and most agile characters in the series. Also, his Teleport Dash allows him to dash small distances at light speed.

With his Grab All technique, Silver can grab and manipulate everything around him or objects that come too close to him, and send them flying at his enemies. To throw objects with greater force while they are in his psychokinetic grab, Silver can use his Hold Smash and Psycho Smash to charge up his psychic energies and use them to throw objects at high velocities. Also, in Sonic Generations, Silver can perform a powerful attack called Meteor Smash, where he gathers a large ball of surrounding objects and launches it, after which it rolls along the ground, crushing anything in its path.

By channeling and manipulating his psychic energies, Silver can perform unique energy-based attacks, like his Psycho Shock and Psycho Smash that let him charge pulses of energy that can paralyze opponents and machinery, and with his Psychic Knife, Silver can form and throw a sharp and deadly blade of energy at the enemy. He can also perform his ESP move, which sends out a wave that attacks the minds of others, leaving them disorientated and confused.

Silver is shown to utilize the Spin Attack where he curls tightly into a concussive ball while in locomotion to damage, mow down, or burrow through obstacles and foes. With the Spin Jump he attacks foes by landing on them, with the Spin Dash he curls up and shoots forward at high speed to break barriers or mow down enemies, and with the Homing Attack he homes in on an enemy to attack.


  • Air Boost
  • Chaos Control
  • Crouch
  • Dash Boost
  • Double Jump
  • ESP
  • Grab All
  • Gravity Control
  • Gravity Dive
  • Grind Step
  • Hold Smash
  • Homing Attack
  • Item Box Transfer
  • Kick Dash
  • Levitate
  • Meteor Smash
  • Psychic Knife
  • Psychokinesis
  • Psycho Shock
  • Psycho Smash
  • Rival Takedown
  • Skim Boost
  • Slide
  • Slingshot
  • Speed Boost
  • Spin Attack
  • Spin Dash
  • Spin Jump
  • Team Ultimate
  • Teleport Dash
  • Trick Action

Move Skills[]

  • Psychokinesis
  • Supersonic speed
  • Enhanced durability
  • Enhanced jump
  • High acrobatics and reflexes
  • Driving skills
  • Grinding
  • Chaos Powers
  • Harnessing Chaos Energy
    • Super transformation
      • Super Silver transformation
  • Hyper-go-on usage


Strength level[]

  • Overpowered Sonic after losing to him.
  • Bended metal bars and used them like trampolines.
  • Lifted cars and trucks. The average car weighs 4,079 pounds and the average truck weighs 33,000 pounds.
  • Caught a giant fireball with less than 10% of his power and repelled it back almost instantly.
  • Dispersed a pillar of lava with Psycho Smash.
  • As Super Silver, caught Solaris' meteors with his psychic powers.


  • Kept up with a boosting Sonic.
  • Dodged Shadow's Chaos Spear.


  • Got back up from being by Sonic's quills and then skidding off the floor and was still able to fight like nothing even happened.
  • Got up from Sonic's Sonic Boost.
  • Survived being attacked by Sonic's Homing Attack and then crushed under his own meteor smash.


  • Defeated Iblis numerous times.
  • Fought Shadow to a standstill.
  • Defeated Knuckles the Echidna, a skilled hand-to-hand fighter.
  • Saw through Eggman Nega's disguise, which not even Espio the Chameleon, a detective, could do.

Miscellaneous Skills[]

As seen during Dodon Pa's Grand Prix, Silver has excellent skills when it comes to driving and racing in racecars like the Lightron.


Super Silver[]

Main article: Super Silver

By using all seven Chaos Emeralds that are collected, Silver can enter a Super State, transforming him into Super Silver. In this state, all of Silver's abilities far surpasses his normal ones, including his psychokinesis which has been greatly amplified. He is as well able to fly without his psychokinesis and is nearly invulnerable.

Color Powers[]

Main article: Color Powers

By harnessing different variants of Hyper-go-on from Wisps, Silver can use specific Color Powers to transform into a certain form, such as a drill, a laser or even a planet, each one possessing its own unique abilities. So far, Silver has been able to transform into the Cyan Laser, Yellow Drill and Indigo Asteroid. However, these transformations require a steady supply of Hyper-go-on to be maintained.


  • Silver will lose his focus when using psychokinesis if he is caught off guard or hit by a surprise attack.
  • If he overuses his psychokinesis, Silver can become extremely fatigued, and will need Power Rings to regain his energy.
  • Silver can still be naïve and insecure when left alone.
  • His psychokinesis does not work on lasers.


  • Shock Bracelet: A pair of bracelets that can be attached to the lower part of Silver's bracelets and allows him to use Psycho Shock.
  • Power Bracelet: A pair of bracelets that can be attached to the upper part of Silver's bracelets and allows him to use Grab All.
  • Single-Layered Extreme: An item of unknown appearance that allows Silver to use the Hold Smash.
  • Heart of Wind: An item of unknown appearance that lets Sivler use the Teleport Dash.









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