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Sherwood von Phoenix

Sherwood von Phoenix (シャーウッド・ボン・フェニックス, Shāuddo bon Fenikkusu), is both a fictional character and protagonist of the Rosario + Resurrection series created by Akihisa Ikeda and Yasunori Mitsunaga. She is Lilliane's 9 year old little sister, the third royal princess of the Royal Family.

Her hair color, eyes, and dress are similar to Lilliane's. She is the youngest in the family. Francisca is her android.


—Sherwood von Phoenix.

Appearance & Biography[]

Voice Actor: Hilary Haag (English), Ai Shimizu (Japanese), Not Known (Arabic), Not Known (Basque), Not Known (Brazilian), Not Known (Cantonese), Not Known (Catalan), Not Known (Chinese), Not Known (Croatian), Not Known (Danish), Not Known (Dutch), Not Known (Finnish), Not Known (Filipino), Not Known (French), Not Known (Galician), Not Known (German), Not Known (Greek), Not Known (Hebrew), Not Known (Hong Kong), Not Known (Hungarian), Not Known (Indonesian), Not Known (Italian), Not Known (Korean), Not Known (Mandarin), Not Known (Norwegian), Not Known (Polish), Not Known (Portuguese), Not Known (Romanian), Not Known (Russian), Not Known (Serbian), Not Known (Spanish), Not Known (Swedish), Not Known (Tagalog), Not Known (Thai), Not Known (Valencian), Not Known (Ukrainian), Not Known (Brazilian Portuguese), Not Known (Canadian French), Not Known (European Spanish), Not Known (European Portuguese), Not Known (Latin American Spanish), Not Known (Latin Spanish), Not Known (Spain-Spanish)



Sherwood has clean, swept back hair in the front and curled blonde hair in the back which is kept up in a pony-tail, by her crown, and a pin to presumably keep her bangs out of her face. She has blood-red eyes with slits for pupils, much alike everyone in her family. Sherwood also owns a smile that can sometimes slightly seem like it has malice, and has sharp, pointed canines, like her elder siblings. Her dress is very similar to her sister, Lillianne's, adding much more similarity between the two's physical appearance; a black dress down to her knees, and red roses around her waist like a belt. Her sleeveless dress has white ruffles at the ends of her shoulders, and the bottom of it. Sherwood also wears white tights, black dress shoes, and her crown is silver with red along the middle-rim.

Nine years into the future, Sherwood still seems to look exactly the same, though older. Although more similar to Hime's dress when she was 9 years old, her dress is more similar to her other sister, Sylvia, 9 years into the future when she was 18 years old.

  • Hair Color: Blond
  • Skin Color: Not Known
  • Eye Color: Red
  • Age: 9
  • Birthday: Not Known
  • Height: Not Known
  • Weight: Not Known





Sherwood is VERY smart for a nine year old girl, and just like the rest of her family, she is very cunning. She has a fairly calm nature, but not as much as her older sister, Lilliane. She enjoys getting what she wants, but she doesn't throw tantrums when she doesn't. She also possesses a very strong curiosity, leading her own expeditions to find unknown creatures and putting herself in danger a number of times.

In the anime it is shown that she also cares a great deal about how she looks, from buying skin care lotions to putting on make up (mostly to impress Hiro, which always fails).



  • Master (Dandy Cafe Owner)
  • Sawawa Hiyorimi
  • Hiro Hiyorimi
  • Tsukune Aono
  • Moka Akashiya
  • Flandre
  • Kurumu Kurono
  • Riza Wildman
  • Yukari Sendou
  • Reiri Kamura
  • Mizore Shirayuki
  • Reiri Kamura


  • Other Royal Family members
    • Lillianne von Phoenix (older sister)
    • Sylvia von Phoenix (older sister)
    • Severin von Phoenix (brother, deceased)
    • Gilliam von Phoenix (older brother)
    • Emile von Phoenix (brother, deceased)
    • Fuhito von Phoenix (brother)




  • Gyokuro Shuzen
  • Alucard
  • Akua and Kahlua Shuzen
  • Fairy Tale
  • Kuyou
  • Lady Oyakata

Abilities and Powers[]

Being the daughter of the king who reigns over all monsters, she was endowed with the power to resurrect the dead as half-immortal warriors that will serve and protect her using her flame of life. This means that the warriors can't be killed even if their heads are severed but they would require her to replenish the flames every few days or they will die for good.

She is able to control man eating plants called triffids. She is unique among her siblings because she delivers her flame of life from her foot. Since she is the youngest, Sherwood is the weakest member among the siblings. Her ability to control triffids, although a powerful weapon, is very inconsistent due to triffid seeds being not available everywhere.

She does not own a sword of her own (even when she was 19 in the future) and has never been shown directly confronting her enemies. All her fightings are done by Francisca and Ryu Ryu. When she was attacked by Spider-Bats, she attempted to engage in battle herself wielding a large axe but was stopped by Francisca.



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  • Considering that her panda blood warrior made a reference to the novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms with their oath of brotherhood, it can be assumed that her ostrich-feather fan is another reference, as the fan is a famous symbol of the novel character Zhuge Liang.