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Dr. Amanda Waller

Dr. Amanda Blake Waller (アマンダ・ブレイク・ウォラー, Amanda Bureiku Worā), usually known as The "Wall" (ウォール, Wōru), is both a fictional character and deuteragonist of the Marvelous DC series created by C. B. Cebulski and Jim Lee.

She is a professional and experienced leader of various secret government organizations run within the United States of America. Despite her non-threatening physical appearance, she is almost feared as one of the most ruthless women in espionage and politics.

A self-titled patriot, Amanda has earned her reputation for her strong and stubborn will to do whatever it took to further what she perceives as America's, or sometimes her own, interests. She is the reluctant ally and a rival to S.H.I.E.L.D. Director Nick Fury.

"Nobody screws the Wall!"

—Dr. Amanda Waller, to Batman.

Appearance & Biography[]

Voice Actor: C.C.H. Pounder (English), Not Known (Japanese), Not Known (Albanian), Not Known (Arabic), Not Known (Basque), Not Known (Brazilian), Not Known (Cantonese), Not Known (Catalan), Not Known (Chinese), Not Known (Dutch), Not Known (Finnish), Not Known (French), Not Known (Galician), Not Known (German), Not Known (Greek), Not Known (Hebrew), Not Known (Hong Kong), Not Known (Hungarian), Not Known (Indonesian), Not Known (Isralian), Not Known (Italian), Not Known (Korean), Not Known (Mandarin), Not Known (Norwegian), Not Known (Polish), Not Known (Portuguese), Not Known (Romanian), Not Known (Russian), Not Known (Serbian), Not Known (Spanish), Not Known (Swedish), Not Known (Tagalog), Not Known (Thai), Not Known (Valencian), Not Known (Brazilian Portuguese), Not Known (European Spanish), Not Known (European Portuguese), Not Known (Latin American Spanish), Not Known (Latin Spanish)



  • Hair Color: Black
  • Skin Color: Brown
  • Eye Color: Brown
  • Age: Not Known
  • Birthday: February 12
  • Height: 5'1
  • Weight: 200 lbs.





She is a no-nonsense woman who always tried to accomplish her goals. Nick has a history with Amanda, and had more than once butted heads with her because the results of her work usually left behind more messes than she expected. She recruits criminals with any talents that were useful for the tasks that she needed accomplished.

Amanda viewed them in a negative light, deemed them replaceable, and even called them: "scum bags" and "convicts". In return, most members that Amanda recruited, held a burning hatred of her. That was kept in check thanks to the nano explosives that she implanted in their necks if they disobey her orders, escaping from her mission or get capture, she will detonate them to kill them.

Always looking for potential members, Amanda would take whoever she could depend on in the situation. Such an example was that Amanda wanted Bane, but she had to settle for Deadshot and Bronze Tiger instead.



  • Agency
  • Checkmate
  • Suicide Squad


  • Joseph Waller (husband, deceased)
  • Joseph Waller, Jr. (son, deceased)
  • Damita Waller (daughter, deceased)




Abilities and Powers[]



  • Leadership:
  • Tactical Analysis:
  • Interrogation:
  • Acrobatics:
  • Deception:
  • Firearms:
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat (Advanced):
  • Aviation: Amanda is able to steer a helicopter.
  • Intimidation:
  • Law:
  • Political Science:

Physical Abilities[]

Fighting Style[]


Strength level[]




Miscellaneous Skills[]


  • Terminal Illness:









Amanda Waller was a typical wife and mother from Chicago's Cabrini–Green housing projects until her son was gunned down by local thugs and her daughter was raped and murdered by a drug-dealer. Her husband went looking for revenge, only to get killed as well and Waller grew fiercely protective of her remaining three children. Driven by her loses to force change, Waller eventually obtained a doctorate in political science and became a congressional aide.

Not much is known about her when she joined the government, aside from being a former congressional aide and having a PhD in political sciences. Her career within A.R.G.U.S. is not well specified, but she was responsible for the disbandment of SANCTUS and its various operations, though would salvage its research to help the Agency's operations. At some point, Amanda would arrange the disappearance of two former SANCTUS researchers who were to testify against her.

By the time Amanda became director of A.R.G.U.S., accusations of the organization's unethical methods, such human rights violations and unauthorized black sites, seemingly disappeared. It is implied that she had previously worked with Nick Fury before, though when and why was never explicitly mentioned. At some point, Amanda became aware of a group of criminals known as "the Pact", who she believed she could use to work as assets for the Agency.

After one of her former employees, the Riddler, devised a way to disable nano bombs using a strong electric shock, Amanda began to search for him, believing him to be a great liability as he could do the same for any other member of the Suicide Squad. She also began hunting for the organization SANCTUS, which had been revived by one of its former scientists. Believing that she could use one of their former projects, a restorative agent codenamed "LOTUS", to blackmail criminals to work for the Agency, Amanda would set out to capture Riddler, believing he would be her best way into locating the organization. This lead to a chase across the world, including areas like Sudan and, eventually, Gotham.

Amanda was also aware of the vigilante Batman and his war on crime in Gotham. At some point, one of her agents revealed the vigilante's true identity, Bruce Wayne, to Amanda, giving her blackmail over the vigilante.



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Notes & Trivia[]

  • Amanda Waller first appeared in Legends #1 in 1986, and was created by John Ostrander.
  • Checkmate was originally known as The Agency and was first formed by Amanda Waller to serve as a small, quasi-independent branch of Task Force X.
  • Initially, American President Horne and Ambassador Trautmann wanted Waller to be involved in Checkmate's operational teams as the Black Queen, however, the rest of the U.N. did not trust her with that kind of power due to her past history involving Task Force X, Lex Luthor and other black ops involvements. Due to Horne's insistence, the council compromised to have her on the White side with the limitation that if she ever dabbled in Checkmate operations she would be ousted from the organization.